postheadericon Cougars – Older Women Dating Younger Men

Older women dating younger men is a currently increasing trend.

Women who date younger men are known as Cougars.

Older Celebs Married To Younger Men

Some celebrity women are having fun and finding contentment with younger guys.

Demi Moore could be the leading example of this trend because she married Ashton Kutcher who was 15 years her junior. Madonna was married to Guy Richie (10 years younger) and when they split up, she hooked up with Alex Rodriguez (15 years younger.)

Why Younger Men Are Appealing

Younger men are appealing to older women because many men their own age are threatened by their successes.

  • Cougars tend to be successful career women.
  • Many have nice executive positions in major firms or own their own businesses.

Younger men these days are more likely to be supportive of the women in their lives because they do not feel threatened by the Cougar’s success and achievements.

Older women dating younger men also enjoy their partner’s youthful outlook on life. These guys don’t seem to be so preoccupied about things like the older blokes are.

Sexual Peak

Women peak sexually in their late 30s and into their 40s while men reach their greatest performance levels at age 19 and then decline.

Many women feel that they missed out on something when they were younger and more inexperienced. The sexual prowess of a younger man is quite attractive to many women in their 30s and 40s.

The Trend Works Both Ways

But, the older women dating younger men trend works both ways. Many younger men find dating an older woman to be very rewarding.

Sexual Attraction

Part of the attraction is certainly sexual. A mature woman knows her body. She knows what pleases her and she is not afraid to take the lead in the bedroom. Guys find this confidence to be quite the turn on.

Less Financial Pressure

Young men who date financially secure older women are also more likely to be able to chart their own path in terms of a career. There is less pressure to make money now when a woman can foot some of the bills.

Many men dating cougars have found that they can return to graduate school or start a business – risks that wouldn’t be possible if they were dating women their own age.

More Emmotional Maturity

Emmotionally mature men are also likely to appreciate that older women are likely to be more emotionally mature and less needy. There is a good chance that there will be a bit less drama in an older women dating younger men relationship.

But don’t take that as gospel. People are still human. Everybody gets needy once in a while, so be supportive, but don’t feel responsible for somebody else’s emotional deformities.


One of the challenges in these cougar relationships is over fertility. An older women usually either already has children or doesn’t want them. Many of these relationships break up because the man wants the chance to be a father. If you can weather that storm, the relationships tend to be unusually strong.

There is no shortage of older women seeking younger men.

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