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postheadericon 6 Tips For Younger Women Dating Older Men

If you think that your happiness depends on what another person believes or does not believe, you are positioning yourself for disappointment.

6 Tips For Younger Women Dating Older Men


Younger women dating older men is a growing trend because older men can make women feel beautiful, secure and young. Those are just a few of the advantages of dating and older man, but there is also some points that women should be aware of.

Old Dogs Often Don’t Learn New Tricks

There’s a huge difference between meeting a younger person your own age and dating somebody who’s already shaped many of his values and beliefs.

In all probability he knows what he likes and does not like, and could be pretty rigid when it comes to trying to change these perceptions. This is crucial to keep in mind because you will want to accept and like him as he is or advance on to somebody who is more well-matched.

While it’s true that people do change, do not plan your life with an older man (or any man for that matter) based on how you wish him to be or what you want him to become. If you think that your happiness depends on what another person believes or does not believe, you are positioning yourself for disappointment. In other words, do not expect the man to change.

You May Feel Second To His Children

Even if your older man gets access to his kids only on certain weekends, recognize that he will probably devote his time to them. When this happens, it does not mean that you should feel any less needed or loved than before.

There will also probably come a time when you’re expected to participate in their lives as well. The important thing to remember about this is that you are not playing mummies and daddies, rather, the man is trying to include you and is allowing his children to get to know you.

These kids will either accept you or they could reject you. Be ready for either outcome and know that it will affect your relationship. This does not mean that you should bend yourself into a pretzel in order to get the kids to like you. Don’t compromise your values here, they either like you or they don’t. Some kids are resentful that their parents have split up, and it’s not your job to force or induce them to like you.

In addition, it is very likely that your older man will not desire any more kids. If your desire is to have children of your own, and the man does not want any more children, you should be honest with yourself and move on.

Hormones And Sexual Peak Of Men And Women

There is a difference between sexual peak and hormone peak.

Men’s testosterone levels peak at 18, while women’s oestrogen levels peak in their mid 20s. This does not necessarily mean sexual peak, and sexual drive cannot be predicted by age.

However, if your older man is not as sexualy active as you are, you’ll be happy to know that older men have got a good deal more experience in satisfying women, so what you lose in quantity, you could very well gain back in quality.

Energy Levels

Although many older men are very virile, the energy levels of your particular older man might not correspond with yours. He might want to get home a bit earlier from a night out or get more sleep than you.

Also, depending on their age, a lot of older men frequently have particular dietary requirements, don’t go out boozing like they used to, have aches and pains, snore louder, or have medication requirements.

These are possibly things that you personally don’t need to concern yourself about at this time, but they ought to become your concerns now.


Spontaneity could be limited. Before your older man can simply pack a tooth brush and a pair of jeans and go somewhere, he might need to make arrangements with the children’s mother, his employer and maybe even his physician.

Generation Gap Issues

Remember how certain things your mom and dad said kind of make you roll your eyes, or you simply don’t understand what the hell they are raving on about? Well, the same thing could in all likelihood take place with the older man you are dating.

Maybe he will not understand all of your values and beliefs and probably you won’t understand his, however, this need not be a big issue, in fact, it could be fun.


There are variables and exceptions when considering the above statements. For example:

It is unlikely that a 30 year old man has the same dietary or medical requirements than that of a 60 year old man.

The sex drive of a 60 year old man will be different than the sex drive of a 30 year old man.

How rigid or open-minded the man is depends on how much enlightenment the being has been graced with during his lifetime.

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